Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Look He's Dumb

He cannot speak of your exquisite beauty
Nor commend on your gentleman ship Sir!
No he is not rude and cruel
Just a suffers of nature’s stir
Stands in silence his mouth gone numb
Look! He’s Dumb

The joy of commune was not to be his
But a life of silent pain
Pain so deep, yet untold
Increase! As he tries to cry in vain
Words elude him, he tries for some
Look! He is dumb

Lost in emotions he cannot convey
Only his tears tell his tale
How he yearns to say but Alas!
His hard tough tries fail
To his miseries in mystery his fate will succumb
Look! He is dumb!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Look He's My Father

Wisdom he basks, I will never achieve
Choices so wise, seem so difficult to me
Look at thee! Looking plain and thoughtless
While a thousand thoughts his umpteen minds retrieve
Sitting with a melancholy smile, he sees farther
He’s my real man, Look! He’s is my father 

In the walks of the world, he may not be much
But he is the world to me
I yearn to remember his strong touch
Held with I was, learned to walk from thee
A silent watchful protector, looks at me, power I gather
He’s the strongest man on Earth! Look! He’s my Father

I would not have sufficed to survive
His experiences helped me through
He may not teach pupils
He invisibly taught me through
He knows it all, I wish to earn him laughter
He’s an Idol! My Ideal! Look!He is my Father