Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Look He's A Beggar

Sitting on the nook, the roughs of the road
Bears an attire, dusty rags, torn robes
Once they were glossy, washed in petrol
Now looks aghast, spooky than a troll
Life undefined, death certain to trigger
He begs for alms, Look He’s a beggar

Once he was rich, a man among Lords
Infamy Now withdrawn, he sleeps In the yards
Unholy were his traits for refused to give
Today, yearning to be given, gorging garbage to live
Punished by the gods, he kept a selfish ledger
He Begs for alms! Look he’s a beggar

He ate roast lamb, Now seeks stale bread
Kicked the lowly hard, Now takes looks he would dread
In spite of his plight I feel his lasting pain
Lost in despair, belly, back, one plane
May god forgive thy soul, spare thee to nature
He begs for alms, Look he’s a beggar


  1. My Mad Poet you touch on a very sensitive area of life. I knew these mean streets and it was indeed sad. I have seen many a good man end up in the streets from causes many brought upon their own souls. The rich and powerful lay amongst the beggars and the poor are equal. Their rich garments no longer worn with snobbery as their standards along with them are brought to their knees. Very well written my poet friend, sad and poignant. But fully understood and never want to be homeless.

  2. I feel the pain in this poem so deeply my friend. So sad and so true for so many whose life has taken an unexpected turn in life. Very moving and powerful writing, and worded so well. Brilliant!

  3. Hey My prince this is beautiful as always...and painful..