Sunday, 20 May 2012

Look He's Blind

A stick in his hands, finding his path
His life in darkness, adapted to its wrath
There is no hope left, in pupils burnt
Moisture has dried, iris bears a shunt
All crevices to him are selfishly unkind
There he walks alone, Look he’s blind

Once he fought wars, and saved many lives
Respected among fellows, radiated power vibes
There was one battle more, he was yearned upon to win
A scar but he incurred, a reimbursement for his sin
Jeered along on the roads, he cannot fight but grind
His teeth in vain, frets in pain, Look He’s blind

He tries to weep, his soul so torn
Tears bereaved long ago, he tries in vain, so worn
For the glories he thought were acts of vendetta
He was punished from above from crossing all moral mete
He drinks alone, drinks to death, regrets his life rewind
Life gone blind, Soul gone blind…. Look he’s blind


  1. Karma has it's way of paying you back for sins you've committed along life's path. Be kind to your fellow man, shed no blood unless in defense, pay homage to the gods and leave them with your love. Ending up without your sight you can no longer recognize your enemies and therefore you are an easy target of their wrath upon you and your soul. Well written my poet friend, I love your style. Peace and blessings to you and may you never lose your sight...

  2. A mood of impending doom evoked here Rahul. Everybody can easily and willingly love and care for you when all is well in life. It is only when you have some character flaw or health issue that people flee and untrue friends distance themselves. It's just the concept of "survival of the fittest" at play. People fear those who don't follow the norm or fit into the ideal. They feel dragged down by such outcasts. The irony here is that blind man in your poem sees and knows more than those who are seemingly able to see him.