Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Look He's Dumb

He cannot speak of your exquisite beauty
Nor commend on your gentleman ship Sir!
No he is not rude and cruel
Just a suffers of nature’s stir
Stands in silence his mouth gone numb
Look! He’s Dumb

The joy of commune was not to be his
But a life of silent pain
Pain so deep, yet untold
Increase! As he tries to cry in vain
Words elude him, he tries for some
Look! He is dumb

Lost in emotions he cannot convey
Only his tears tell his tale
How he yearns to say but Alas!
His hard tough tries fail
To his miseries in mystery his fate will succumb
Look! He is dumb!


  1. Hey Rahul this is a cool poem bro, I like the concept of he's dumb, it is something quite familiar even from my part of the world. There are many people who are perceived to be playing the fool, but in the end the role gets switched around even though he may actually be the dummy being played all the time by everyone else.

  2. Being silent and in pain can be so difficult... you convey emotion well here Rahul.